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Innovation Lab Deadline Extended to 03/08/13

This spring the Filmworks Innovation Lab will commit funding assistance to filmmakers utilizing new forms of production and emerging technologies. WF is now accepting Preliminary Applications for the Innovation Cycle, which is designed to explore the intersection of storytelling and technology. This juried process challenges creative entrepreneurs to produce motion picture content that traverses multiple delivery platforms. The Board of Directors may commit up to $175,000 towards this cycle of the pilot initiative. A program overview and guidelines and criteria are available on our website. The official press release can be found here.

Contact staff with questions at (206) 264-0667 or email

The Extended Deadline to submit Preliminary Information Forms is Friday, March 8, 2013.


Those Little Gold Men

Academy_Awards_Alan_LightOscar night is traditionally full of plenty of glitz and spectacle. Maybe you prefer to take in the glamour with a hundred of your best dressed friends, bubbly in hand. Or maybe your Academy Awards tradition is more Snuggie, some popcorn and a couch. Either way, Oscar gold is just around the corner; the big event happens this Sunday, Feb 24th. Read More…

Evolution of the Gaming Console


The Art of Video Games at the EMP
Photo courtesy of EMP staff.

Gaming consoles have evolved by leaps and bounds from what they were a decade ago. Today’s consoles not only act as a platform to play games, but also allow users to watch HD & Blu-ray disks, store & listen to music, and connect to the Internet. By connecting to the Internet, users are able to play video games with people around the word, and access more content. Game console owners can now access YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix and stream content in a matter of minutes. Read More…

Breaking the 4th Wall

Screenwriter and Director, Lance Weiler

Lance Weiler calls himself a screenwriter and film director. Others call him a “transmedia guru” and consider him a pioneer on the frontier of new and emerging forms of motion picture content. Transmedia storytelling is the technique of relaying an entertainment experience across multiple delivery platforms and the use of digital technologies is key. Weiler’s two most notable transmedia campaigns, Pandemic 1.0 (2011), and Bear 71 (2012), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Both projects pushed the limits of viewer and user interactivity to engage viewers. Read More…

As Shown on Netflix

HouseofCardsWe’ve heard of straight to DVD, but straight to Netflix? A new and emerging trend in original programming is bypassing network television and going straight to online platforms. Netflix is ahead of the game in the race to produce and host online content. Their newest “online only” series is House of Cards, directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays Representative Francis Underwood, a ruthless politician on a crusade against the presidential administration that turned its back on him. Read More…